10 Best Practice Tips For Firefox Tabs


If you are not big fan of bookmarking services and you use extensively Firefox tabs, you will notice at a certain time that you really need help to get all these tabs organized. A friend of mine “discovered” last month while closing FF that he got 159 tabs open, and some of them are three months old ! Don’t let your daily browsing kill you, it’s better to get organized since the beginning and use a bookmarking service to save your links. Here is 11 Firefox addons that will help you keep your tabs more organized.
1- HideTab
The first tip is a very new Firefox addon that will let you hide and restore tabs. HideTab is an experimental addon, but already do the job and let you hide all of your current tabs by using ALT+Q shortcut. You can use CTRL+ALT+Q to restore them again or simply restore one by one using the HideTab icon in the status bar.
2- FaviconizeTab
The second addon will let you reduce tab to show only the favicon, it will not only give you more space but will makes tabs look cooler. The only issue here is with websites without favicons. Keep reading, there are more tips below.

3- ColorfulTabs
The most beautiful yet the simplest add-on that makes a strong colorful appeal. Colors every tab in a different color and makes them easy to distinguish while beautifying the overall appearance of the interface. Recommended by Mozilla and definitely a must have one.
4- Unread Tabs Supreme
If you are keeping CTRL pressed while opening new tabs you should then look for those tabs that you opened sometimes ago but you have never read. Unread Tabs will help you to notice the unread tabs by marking them in italic.
5- PermaTabs
Some websites you want to keep them opened forever, for example your favorite webmail, newspaper or other. With PermaTabs you can turn tabs of your choice into permanent tabs. PermaTabs can’t be closed accidentally no matter what you click and will stick around between sessions.
6- Aging Tabs
You can also have a very cool fade effect on your old tabs with AgingTabs. The extension will simply fade unused tabs with age and highlights the selected tab.
7- Separate tabs
Another option is to group your opened tabs having the same URL together. Separate tabs will group tabs automatically based on host URL in addition of a separator between these groups.
8- TooManyTabs
TooManyTabs allows you to store as many tabs as you like by adding extra rows in the Firefox! It saves your browser’s space and memory as idle tabs are put aside. The extra rows also help to better prioritize and visualize your tabs.
9- Cluster Tabs
And if you feel like sharing your opened tabs with your friends, colleagues, or just to save it so you can open it later; Cluster Tabs could be used in the same way we use URL shortner services such tinyurl, bit.ly… etc. But instead of saving one url, clusterurl.com will let you save a cluster of Firefox tabs anonymously.
10- Find In Tabs
Finally if you are looking for something you was reading somewhere in your Firefox, you can just search for text in all open tabs, and show a list of search results with Find In Tabs addon. Clicking any of the results will jump to the tab on which it was found, and scroll directly to the highlighted text.
Got more tips ? Feel free to share in comments.