Meerkat, Optimize Firefox for Netbook devices


I’m using my netbook very frequently these days (FF3.5 on UNR) and I was just disabling the bookmarks toolbar to have more space as I do in desktop. Last week I tried Meerkat, a Firefox addon that optimize the browser display for netbooks, the idea sounds great !
Firefox 3.5 Netbook

  • Meerkat hides the statusbar when there is no activity
  • Removes the menu bar, rebuilt into a drop down button placed on the navigation bar
  • Adds downloads and bookmarks buttons to the right of the location bar, followed by above mentioned menu bar button
  • Reduces the navigation bar icon size to the small setting

My only issue was with the ScreenGrab addon since I’m not able to use it anymore from statusbar. I’m not sure about download and bookmarks button since I don’t use at all. I think the best configuration for Firefox on Netbooks will be a fullscreen mode like with taskbar and statusbar visible in the same time.
Any better tips to optimize Firefox on netbooks ?